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Downhill Castle

Downhill Castle, built in the 18th century, was the Earl-Bishop of Derry's palace. It is set in extensive landscaped grounds containing lakes, ornamental gardens and neoclassical buildings. The most famous landmark of the castle is the eccentric Earl of Bristol and Bishop of Derry Frederick Hervey's library known as the Mussenden Temple. The Temple of Vista in Rome was the inspiration for this classical temple which has a domed rotunda and sits perched on a cliff providing breathtaking view of Downhill strand.

Location: Castlerock

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Foyle Valley Railway Museum

Foyle Valley Railway Museum contains many examples of locomotives, signal levers and other railway associated hardware used in the north west region of Ireland during the early 1900s when Londonderry was the centre of railway communications for the area. The visitor can also take a two mile nostalgic ride on a 1934 diesel railcar from the museum.

Location: Londonderry City

Guild Hall

Guild Hall is the seat of Londonderry's local government and the venue for arts events. It was built in 1890 and has got a Gothic architectural style, similar to its counterpart in London. The stained glass windows of the building depicts many of the notable historical events associated with the city.

Location: Londonderry City

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Long Tower Church

Long Tower Church, built in the late 18th century, is supposed to be associated with the 12 century monastic period. It is the oldest Catholic church in the city and has an interesting Rococo interior.

Location: Londonderry City

Roe Valley Park

Roe Valley Park has wonderful riverside walks and spectacular gorges. The visitor centre is based in an intriguing old mill.

Location: near Limavady

Old City Walls

Londonderry's Old City Walls was built during the period 1613-1618 to protect the new English colonists; it is the only completely walled city in Ireland. Its plans were developed by the City of London, granted a charter in 1613 and thus given the name Londonderry. The city withstood 105 days of siege, during 1688-1689, by King James 2's army. The wall, which has remained in tact throughout, has a one mile long circuit providing many good views of the city and beyond.

Location: Londonderry City

St. Columb's Cathedral

St. Columb's Cathedral, built in 1628 and consecrated in 1634, is the first Protestant cathedral to be constructed in Europe since the Reformation. The cathedral houses the earliest church bell in Ireland, many relics of the 1688-1689 city siege, and the cathedral's stained glass depict scenes from the siege.

Location: Londonderry City

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Tower Museum

Tower Museum is based in the reconstructed O'Doherty Tower located inside the city historic walls at Union Hall Place. Permanent exhibitions at the museum include the 'Story of Derry' exhibition and 'An Armada Shipwreck – La Trinidad Valencera'.

'The Story of Derry' exhibition traces the complete history of the city from prehistoric times to the present. It uses a wide range of techniques and artefacts to narrate the story from monastic times, Plantation, the famous 1688-1689 Siege of Derry, through to the growth of Derry during the 18th and 19th centuries, and the strategic role which it played during World War 2. The city also played its own part in the dramatic events of the early 20th century and during Partition. Life during 20th century is also outlined, in particular the build up to the Civil Rights Movement and the impact of the Troubles on the people of the city.

'An Armada shipwreck – La Trinidad Valencera' exhibition tells the story of La Trinidad Valencera, one of the largest ships in the Armada Fleet. It was wrecked in Kinnagoe Bay, County Donega, during a violent storm in 1588; it was discovered 400 years later. The exhibition provides details of the soldiers and sailors from the Trinidad Valencera, as well as the divers and archaeologists who discovered and excavated the ship.

Location: Londonderry City

Harbour Museum

Built in 1882, the former Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioner's Office was officially opened on 18 May 1995 as the Harbour Museum. Respecting the Victorian architecture and décor of the building, the Harbour Museum has been designed as a 'glass case' museum.

The Harbour Museum provides insight into the maritime history of the city of Londonderry, includng the crucial role it played during the 'Battle of the Atlantic' period, and for its many other links with America. A superb collection shows the city's maritime links from architectural drawings, early maps and plans of the city to archaeological finds. The centrepiece of the museum is a replica of the 30 foot curragh which St. Columba used for sailing to 'Iona Curragh' - this was used in 1963 by a group of clerics to replicate the journey undertaken by St. Columba in 563 AD.

Location: Londonderry City, Beside The Guildhall

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